How To Teach Your Rat How To Drive

This is how to teach your rat to drive!!!

Getting the car

Step 1 First you need to get a little car for your rat so he can drive.

Step 2 Let him choose his favorite one, maybe he’ll like the red one.

Step 3 Then buy the car that he chose.

Step 4 Drive it home for him.

Teaching him the controls

Step 1 Tell him where the gas and the brakes are.

Step 2 Then tell him about the radio so he can jam out to his tunes.

Step 3 Next, show him where the seatbelts are so he stay safe in his car.

Step 4 Tell him about speeding and that he has to stay under or at the speed limit.

Teaching how to drive

Step 1 Get in the car.

Step 2 Tell him to start the car by putting the key in.

Step 3 Show him how to put it in drive.

Step 4 Then Have him drive it and turn.

Teaching how to parallel park

Step 1 Tell him to back up into a parking place.

Step 2 Get back out.

Step 3 Repeat until he gets into the parking spot.

Step 4 Tell him he’s a good rat and he now knows how to drive his little red car.