how to #2

This is a how to make an egg muffin.

Making the egg

1 Choose what kind of egg you want to make

2 I like over-easy so I’m showing how to make an over-easy egg

3 get a pan and an egg

4 turn on the stove and crack the egg on the pan

5 get a slice of cheese your choice

6 put the cheese on the pan for a couple seconds just so its soft

7 once the egg isn’t liquidy, flip it over with a spatula

8 let it cook until brown and put it on a plate

Toasting the English muffin

1 get a English muffin

2 put both of the sides in the toaster

3 push the thing down and set it what level you want

4 when ready, pull them out and put some butter on it

5 put the English muffin on the plate


1 get the English muffin and put it on the plate

2 get the warmed cheese and put on the bottom of the English muffin

3 get the over-easy egg and put it on top of the cheese

4 put the top of the English muffin on top of everything else

5 I like ketchup on it so I would get the ketchup and put some on it