This is a good gift guide for 40 year old moms

This is a gift guide for moms.

The first gift is a frame to put a good picture in there, here’s the link.

The second gift are succulents with the words best mom ever, it’s 23 dollars.

The third gift is a blanket that’s a letter and has words on it, it’s 47 dollars.

The next gift is a candle that says if I had a different mom I would punch her and find you, it’s 24 dollars.

This gift is a mug that has a bear and says mama, its 25 dollars.

The sixth one are some socks for 18 dollars.

The next gift is a crystal block that’s clear and has a picture of someone in 3D, it’s 90 dollars.

The ninth gift is a sign that says, Mom’s house will always be home, it’s 20 dollars.

The last gift are UGG slippers that are so soft and they are 100 dollars.