Throwback Thursday

Happy throwback Thursday even though its Monday. ummm so I’m gonna list some of the funniest movies that I watched as a kid and I’ll put a video of one.Enjoy

  1. Despicable me

this movie is literally hilarious, I watched it yesterday hehe. my favorite character is vector because he made a squid gun, and it’s pretty sick.

2. Megamind

I love love love this movie I think its hilarious when mega mind turns into Hal’s godfather and his lisp.

3. Kung fu panda

this movies funny because Po is just a weirdo and I think it’s really funny.

4. Penguins the movie

I love this movie because they’re so weird and private is weird and they just work together perfectly and its really funny.

5. Monsters University

I love this movie because Mike Wazowski’s is a weirdo ands is sully and its really funny how they become best friends.

Voki Post

Here is my blog post about the voki’s I watched


I guessed his was ninja because of the headband, playing video games, and takis.


I guessed hers was spongebob because he lives in a fruit, and he cooks at a burger place.


I guessed hers was Rapunzel because of the lizard friend, and she always carries a frying pan.

Guess what it is?

Guess what each thing is!

1. The women’s bathroom sign

2. the drinking fountain

3. a rock outside

4. the board in the front office place

5. the pom pom in mrs steels room

6. a plant in the parking lot

7. a viking boat outside of mr watts office

8. some gum on the pillars outside

My favorite color

I took 10 pictures of my favorite color!

this first one is of my friends ring that’s green

this is in the cafeteria that says you’re lucky

this is of an exit sign that is green

this is of my friend’s shoe that has green Dinos on it

This is a star that I found with my friends birthday on it

this is of a poster that is Slytherin

this is of an owl that has green around it and a green scarf

this is a green four leaf clover

this is a green pine tree

these are my friends green pants

A day in my school life

First i get in my carpool and head off to school. Then i walk into school and go in the cafeteria and meet all my friends and talk to them until probably 7:26. When it turns that time most of my friends head up stairs with me and then we split off into each hall, then Savannah and Tanna and Carli go into Utah Studies and I go into Math. After math i go to Utah studies, and after Utah Studies it’s Chinese. Then i walk with my friends to ELA and talk to my friends way too much in that class. After that class i walk to journalism and i have that class and then after that i walk with my friends to go get their lunches out of their lockers and then we walk to lunch. Lunch is super fun even though not my whole friend group is there but it’s super fun. After lunch me, Layla, and Julia drop off lily for ed release and then go upstairs and drop Julia off. Then me and Layla go to science and she stays upstairs and i go down. Then my last period is Science and after school i walk with Layla and then to summit for my carpool.

how to #2

This is a how to make an egg muffin.

Making the egg

1 Choose what kind of egg you want to make

2 I like over-easy so I’m showing how to make an over-easy egg

3 get a pan and an egg

4 turn on the stove and crack the egg on the pan

5 get a slice of cheese your choice

6 put the cheese on the pan for a couple seconds just so its soft

7 once the egg isn’t liquidy, flip it over with a spatula

8 let it cook until brown and put it on a plate

Toasting the English muffin

1 get a English muffin

2 put both of the sides in the toaster

3 push the thing down and set it what level you want

4 when ready, pull them out and put some butter on it

5 put the English muffin on the plate


1 get the English muffin and put it on the plate

2 get the warmed cheese and put on the bottom of the English muffin

3 get the over-easy egg and put it on top of the cheese

4 put the top of the English muffin on top of everything else

5 I like ketchup on it so I would get the ketchup and put some on it





Free write

This is my free write about the yummiest fruits.

Some of the best fruits in my opinion are mangos, they are soooo yummy and there are lots of different kinds. Another fruit is a peach, those are so good because they are super sweet and I like to eat them in the summer with milk and cream and so its like peaches and cream. The next fruit are strawberries, they are super good and you can buy them at the store all the time. The next fruit are kiwis, I love this fruit but the only thing is they get stuck in your teeth. The last fruit is pomegranates, they are super hard to cut but once you get it open, they’re kinda sour but really good.

20 by 20

This is my 20 by 20.

1. I want to travel to Singapore






2. I want to learn how to play the saxophone

3. I want to go to Mexico with all my friends

4. I want to go paragliding

5. I want to work at Bahama bucks

6. I want to graduate high School

7. I want to go to a weeknd concert

8. I want to get a dog

9. I want to chop my hair again

10. I want to get good at basketball

11. I want to learn how to make meringue

12. I want to have a projector in my room

13. I want to get acrylic nails

14. I want to get a cool car

15. I want to get cool Jordans

16.  I want to go to Puerto Rico

17. I want to finish The Paradise series

18. I want to start my own business

19. I want to try lobster

20. I want to make my own charcuterie board

Thanks for reading my 20 by 20 list.